Do you have trouble figuring out what muscles should be worked in each pose? Are you stiff when you first step onto your mat, maybe from lingering injuries or just day-to-day living? Sore from other activities like running, biking, weight lifting or sitting at a desk?

If you said yes to any of these then this workshop is for you!

We’ll start with a discussion about dynamic motion before breaking down a series of movements as a warm-up. Once ready, we’ll move through a slow class implementing dynamic motion into standing poses as well as floor stretching.

Benefits of this workshop include:
• How to properly warm up a joint before actively calling upon the muscles, tendons or ligaments
• Feeling the difference between passive and active range of motion
• Dynamic motion as a way to improve a static asana practice
• Learning the difference between using flexibility vs strength in a pose
• Moving energy towards and away from stiffness to balance between effort and ease

September 22
Sunday | 1:15–3:45 pm

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YogaWorks Mill Valley, 650 E. Blithedale Ave., Suite J
(415) 318-7650

Peter Bartesch embodies a lifestyle centered around movement, exercise, and personal inquiry. Along with his past experience in sports and fitness, Peter brings a perspective shaped by the experience of traveling around the world, years of personal training, and a master’s degree in philosophy. What Peter loves most about Yoga is connecting the mind to the breath, the dynamic power and play in the asanas, and the teachings of the Yogic philosophies. What Peter loves most about teaching Yoga is teaching people how to inhabit and move their bodies with a different awareness, energy, and intention.  

Instagram: peterb.yogi