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Peter is a Bay Area yoga teacher and fitness instructor. He has made a life of exploring the body in movement, mind and health. For over a decade he has worked as a personal trainer, a Pilates instructor and a yoga teacher. With a background in wrestling, a MA in philosophy and a practice of meditation, Peter brings a unique touch to his classes and teachings. Find him on his schedule or look for him on the hiking trails around the world.


Metta Yoga Corte Madera

Monday 1045-1145am

Friday 1045-1145am

The Studio Mill Valley

Monday 530-630pm

Wednesday 530-630pm

NOW Power Yoga Corte Madera

Sunday 1030-1130am

Friday 430-530pm

CastroRoom San Francisco

Saturday 1100-1215pm


A good teacher masters the art of communication at its highest level. I have taken classes with Peter in Yoga, Pilates, and TRX and his ability to cue in so many manners and with such precision has progressed me further in my practice and allowed me to see better results than with any trainer or instructor before.

Peter takes passion in his path and shows a very personal attachment to his attendees progression… a rather unique quality in a group teaching situation and one I am very grateful for.


Peter has been teaching me for over a year in group classes. He is always upbeat and engaged and gives great tips whilst working through different strength and flexibility exercises. This year I set myself a personal goal and shared it with Peter. Since then, he has made every effort to include some exercises specific to my goal in each class I have attended, encouraging me and checking my form. It helps me so much as it feels like I’m getting individual instruction and I am being held accountable. He has a knack for doing with this with everyone in class, so we all benefit.

Cara, Mill Valley

Thank you for all your help at PPW! I had my second baby, via c-section, in February 2018 and even though I have a long way to go, I feel stronger and in better shape then I have in a very long time and you have been a big part in getting me here. Your classes have a great flow to them. I know my strength will be challenged, my mind will be challenged and I will have every major area of my body worked through. I think the best thing you do is give good, clear instruction and help with adjustments when necessary. The poses are hard and they are on a moving carriage that requires a lot of balance, so with out clear, direct instruction it would not be an enjoyable class. People would feel lost or confused and that takes away from the work out. Your instruction also helps me to improve each pose while I am holding it, so that I continue to challenge myself and do not become static. Even though I am stronger than when I started, I still feel challenged during the class and feel like I got a great work out after.


Peter has both pushed and guided me in his TRX class. He’s great in making sure you get the details of a movement, and is inspiring to reach your potential. He demonstrates leadership, patience and a solid understanding of a great workout.


I have studied Yoga and Pilates for 4+ years with Peter and have watched his talent as a teacher blossom. He has a loyal following of students, and with good reason: He models a healthy lifestyle, strong body, and spiritual warmth.

He challenges his clients to achieve their personal best with soft-spoken yet enthusiastic encouragement. He has a keen awareness of alignment and utilizes verbal cues as well as hands-on adjustments for proper body alignment. His emphasis on good form not only builds strength but also helps prevent injury. Great musical selections compliment his work out; it’s just plain fun to be in Peter’s class!

Laura B.

I have been taking Pilates classes from Peter for the past three years and he is a fantastic teacher. He has an excellent understanding of exercise physiology, and he is always attentive, motivating, and professional. His classes incorporate both stretching and strengthening for optimal results. I highly recommend him.


Peter is a fantastic, gifted instructor, and I try to sign up for his classes whenever I can. Every class is different and challenging, and he always provides modifications (both up and down), both in the beginner and advanced classes. He has a knack for getting me to push my limits while still enjoying the class. He is completely nonjudgmental about where you are and meets you there, even giving individual attention when needed without slowing the class down.


I’ve been taking classes from Peter for over three years now and he’s become my favorite instructor. He brings a positive and encouraging energy to his work, not to mention a solid playlist. He integrates mind and body into his teaching and strikes the perfect balance between challenging but attainable workouts.


I have been taking workout classes with Peter for a few years now and I can easily say that he is one of my favorite trainers. Being a passionate runner, I started attending his pilates classes for injury prevention and to get stronger. His classes were so outstanding that I soon moved on to include his TRX and Yoga classes on a regular basis. Peter is extremely knowledgable and his classes are challenging. He moves around the class correcting postures, giving personal tips and motivating you to push harder so you can get the most benefit from your class. Peter has the perfect mix of motivation, push and thoughtfulness. He always shows up with a smile and certainly creates the best work- out playlists!



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